Friday, 24 February 2012

5 Live interview Costa Concordia

Following on from my News 24 appearance I got a call from 5 Live to do an interview following the Concordia disaster. It's funny how suddenly travel writers become experts in cruise ship construction, fleet history and cruise liner procedures!
Having said that, I knew somehow my experiences on numerous ship bridges getting instruction on ship handling and manouvers would come in handy one day.
I'm pretty certain I was one of the first journalists to come out and say it sadly had to be human error.
You can listen to my interview on my website

BBC News 24

Had an early morning call on the golf course from the BBC to appear on the midday bulletin, so as the round wasn't going too well it was a good excuse to leave.
Rushed home for a quick shower and change and waited for the car to take me to the studios. When I arrived there was no time to dally, it was straight into make up, a quick drink of water and I was on.

The story was about Britain's £30million investment marketing GB around the world inviting friends and family to visit us during our Olympic and Royal Jubilee year.

It always amazes me how quick people criticise any initiative that costs money. Yes it is a lot of money, but let's face it, firstly how many opportunities do you get to put your country in front of the world wide audience the Olympics will provide?  And second, we have a royal family, and we should celebrate that fact. The Diamond Jubilee is landmark event, so just for once let's enjoy this year and stop moaning about the cost.

It was certainly good to put my point across on national television. Kind of cathartic.