Thursday, 28 March 2013

Air Cruising is the new way to travel!

Do you like the idea of flying in a private plane? No airport security lines, no long winded check in and you can drive right up to your plane! Just got back from trying out Mauiva Air's Air Cruise service which gives you exactly that and more.
Not only do you get the use of a private plane but you also have all your hotel accommodation , breakfast and dinner and guided tours included too.
Currently, Mauiva has three tours available: The Western Wonder which takes you around the
USA west coast including LA, San Francisco, The Grand Canyon, Bryce Canyon and Las Vegas, The Eastern Experience taking in New York, Toronto, Washington and Niagara, and a sun and fun  adventure across  the Caribbean Islands.
I had a great trip! The tour bus drove right on to the air strip next to the plane,  the bags were transferred while I boarded  and the hotels were all four star standard.

If you want to grab a slice of the celebrity life, check out Mauiva Air Cruising.

Saturday, 2 March 2013

Climbing Sydney Harbour Bridge

Another box ticked on my bucket list, or anyone's bucket list for that matter. Climbing Sydney Harbour Bridge is a must do experience if you ever travel to Sydney and want to see probably the best view of this stunning harbour as you could ever get.
This is a three and a half hour adventure where time simply whizzes by. I can honestly say there wasn't one moment when I felt in the least bit concerned for my safety, although the onesey you have to wear may not be too flattering.
The climb can be done during the day, or at night when a whole new dimension takes shape.
You don't need any climbing experience, it's not physically demanding and you are attached at all times to the bridge structure.
Take it from me, this will be one of the biggest thrills you'll ever get.