Friday, 28 December 2012

EasyJet switches to assigned seating

In a move I welcome wholeheartedly, easyjet has abandoned its first come first served seating policy (speedy boarding aside) and now assigns seats automatically to passengers who decline paying an addiditional fee to choose their own.

You can now buy the first and exit rows for £12 per passenger, rows 2 -6 for £8 per passenger and £3 for any other. Speedy boarding will now be reserved only for passengers buying £12 or £8 seats.

This is an entirely reasonable and dare I say it - professional move from an airline that has steadily grown up in stature since the appointment of Carolyn McCall as Chief Executive, a lady I know very well from her days at The Guardian senior management.

Whilst Ryan Air continues to forge its own path clearly intent on providing a service (which it does very well in my opinion) without a hint of customer service  (which it shouldn't in my opinion), easyjet has quietly raised its game considerably in the budget flight market.

At last we can kiss goodbye to that dreadful easyjet gate experience, where some passengers almost camped out in an effort to be at the front of the line, and speedyboarding got you on the bus first!

Full marks easyjet, for doing something for the passengers for once.