Tuesday, 23 February 2010

How to exploit budget airlines

I did a radio interview the other day about budget airlines. The presenter was insisting that they catch people with hidden charges, or charge customers for everything. The facts are simple to me. You use a budget airline to get somewhere as cheaply as possible, so don't expect to be treated like a royal. Remember too that these airlines are commercial ventures. They are not charitable in any way, and want to make as much money as possible, so just play them at their own game and you'll be a winner.
1.When you book a flight, just take your time and read through the text carefully, unticking any box that does not directly apply to your flight.
2. Do not use their currency exchange system as you will lose out on the convertion.
3. Organise your own travel insurance
4. Pay with a pre paid credit card to avoid the credit card surcharge (the Electron card dodge has now been scuppered).
5. Be wary of the dubious speedy boarding system as there are many airports that will not get you direct access to the aircraft, so you will be paying for a speedy bus boarding!
6. Finally, if there are two of you travelling, find an empty three seats and leave the middle one free. You will be surprised how many people avoid sitting there.