Thursday, 15 September 2011

The Lot Valley has the Lot. And what a lot it's got!

I was in the Lot Valley recently and it is a corner of France I've never visited. More to the point, it's a corner of France that many people haven't visited unless of course, they are in the know so to speak. The regulars love it and it's almost a well kept secret. I say almost because now I've found it, it won't be secret any longer. It is chocolate box perfect. A collection of beautiful medieval villages perched on top and around majestic limestone canyons towering over the river below. It's an area of intense beauty, but more than that, it's a pice of authentic south west France that still retains it sense of rural life with prices far below those of its more famous Dordogne neighbour. The Lot has it all, Malbeck wines, canard, fois gras and even tobacco and walnuts. I loved The Lot a lot. And I can't wait to go back there.