Monday, 16 January 2012

Betting is becoming all too easy

It seems in these days of economic hardship, as if getting hold of cash was difficult enough, we are being bombarded with opportunites to lose it just as quickly. How can it be justified to allow betting companies to invade seemingly every waking moment of our lives with an opportunity to place a bet on anything.
Smart phones are obviously an easy route in, but the format has become increasingly sophisticated. In game betting is common place, for example you can pick up the phone just before a free kick or corner is taken in a live football match and bet on whether a goal will be scored, or who will score next. Many of these betting companies will even give you some cash just to get you started.
Is it really wise tempting people who very often cannot afford it into getting into debt on the small chance they might win something?
I think it has all got out of hand and something needs to be done now. It is almost as bad as cigarettes so why not ban ads for betting in the same we have for smoking.