Thursday, 18 April 2013

007 Plays Golf Again at Stoke Park

The iconic contest between Sean Connery's James Bond and Goldfinger at Stoke Park Golf Club in Buckinghamshire is one of those classic cinema moments that have become legend. Who can forget the gamesmanship or Oddjob's hat beheading a statue! Almost 50 years on, Stoke Park is partnering with EON Productions to host the inaugural James Bond Golf Day on 28th June 2013, with profits donated to Spinal Research. With Aston Martin, Virgin Atlantic and Champagne Bollinger sponsoring the event, the 25 teams will be Bond for a day with a typical black tie dinner finishing things off in the appropriate 007 style.

Stuart Collier, Director of Golf at Stoke Park:  ‘Next year will be 50 years since Goldfinger was released in the cinemas, and at Stoke Park, we are very proud of our Bond heritage. We have had two Bond films shot here and in 1997 scenes from Tomorrow Never Dies were also filmed in our Ballroom. The idea behind the golf day was to celebrate that heritage, and to create something truly unique and authentic.’