Friday, 12 July 2013

Manhattan Comes To Frankfurt

I was in Frankfurt last week to watch the annual Rhine in Flames festival. Some 50,000 spectators and a flotilla of 50 odd ships collected together to watch a fireworks spectacle lasting nearly 2 hours.
All wonderful stuff; the many castles lining the river lit up red with Bengal Fires adding to the atmosphere.
Anyway, whilst on a downtown Frankfurt walkabout before all the main festivities, I made a point of going to Neue Mainzer Strasse to see if it really does look like New York. This street is often used in European films to depict a Manhattan scene when the budget doesn't quite stretch to shooting in the real place.
Standing there, it really does look the part. High rises on each side of the street and plenty of traffic too. it also happens to be where the famed Helaba tower resides, the tallest building in Frankfurt offering some stunning 360 views of the city from the rooftop.