Wednesday, 19 March 2014

You really can time travel in Ethiopia

The hills above Addis Ababa (c) Andy Mossack

On a recent trip to Ethiopia, I had a 9 am meeting arranged, and the night before I received a call from my Ethiopian colleague reminding me of it. "see you at 3" he said.  "err, no I have 9 am"  I replied" "oh yes of course, for you it's 9 for us it's 3 see ya."

It seems Ethiopian time works completely differently to ours; their day begins at 6 am rather than our midnight, so 7 am for us is 1 am for them! Similarly, 1 am for us is really 7 pm for them. I am not making this up.

Just to make things even more complicated, they also have 13 months in their calendar year, so technically they are still in 2007 seven years behind us!

If anyone can shed light on this alternative clock and calendar please let me know. By the way I would love to see what their watch dials say........