Monday, 1 September 2014

Gordon Ramsay's Hotel Hell is just Hell itself

I forced myself to watch 2 episodes of Gordon Ramsey's latest TV series Hotel Hell. Whilst his previous series Kitchen Nightmares USA was predictable and formulaic it was nevertheless a subject Gordon can boast he knows a thing or two about. This time around however, he is attempting to make us believe he is not only a hotel expert, (which he clearly isn't) but also a therapist (in one episode he talks an owner into admitting he is an alcoholic and needs help). The owner that is, not Gordon although after this series finishes who knows.
This is a series so clearly staged it's embarrassing. Are we really expected to believe Gordon's seemingly astonished looks when given some new dramatic information, trying to make us believe this is the first time he has heard it? Are we really to believe in the matter of a two day stay a hotel's business woes can be literally swept away, rooms renovated and entire menus transformed.
He might be good, but he's not that good.
And do we really need to be subjected to his naked rear in a shower, or see him disrobing to swim wear for a swim he was never intending to have as we all saw the state of the pool. I even chuckled at his quick stomach tuck in as he took off his towelling robe.
This is a hotel series which is simply abject hell to watch.