Thursday, 5 February 2015

Crowdfunding needed for new Elephant documetary

 I support “DO Elephants Go To Heaven?” because future generations deserve a world with elephants. Dream Out Loud Films is headed to Africa to film the story of the baby elephants kidnapped in Zimbabwe facing a miserable life in captivity China. We will hear from the elephants about their love for the herd and the daily struggle to maintain these bonds against all odds. Support the project on Kickstarter and join our herd: 

- Unless humans change their hearts, minds and actions, elephants could be extinct by 2025, only ten years away. Dream Out Loud Films believe that in showing the world the plight of elephants – from the elephants’ perspectives as interpreted by animal communicators - humans will be compelled by empathy to act. Support their upcoming film, “DO Elephants Go To Heaven?”