Tuesday, 22 November 2016

Lost in translation?

Perhaps it's my sense of humour, but I always find issues in restaurants through waiting staff misunderstanding my request hilarious rather than irritating.

And it happens frequently, even in high end restaurants. You can always apportion blame to poor management and training, or instead, just put it down to our basic human failings.

We all try to listen, but nine times out of ten we don't hear. Instead, we plough on hastily thinking we know the answers.

I had another comical moment in the restaurant of a well regarded four star country hotel which serves a dinner menu for a fixed price.
It went something like this:

Waiter: "Here is your fresh oven baked bread sir. is everything OK?"
Andy: "All good thanks. May I have some olive oil please?"
Waiter: "Of course sir. You know there is a charge for that?"
Andy:  "Really? That's unusual. Must be very good then so let's try some."

The head waiter approaches after 5 minutes to tell me:

"We are just getting your order from the bar."

Andy: " Thanks. Just out of curiosity, do you have some very special hand made olive oil?"

Head Waiter: "Not sure sir, I have only been here for three days, but I can check. Why do you ask?"
Andy: "Well, I just requested some some olive oil and was told I would have to be charged extra for it."

At this point, my original waiter materialises with a bowl of olives and proudly places them in the centre of the table.

"Your olives sir.I do hope you enjoy them."

Andy: "Thank you but I actually ordered olive oil. For the bread?"

At which point the head waiter and the waiter look at me, and then at each other and rather sheepishly move aside for a short discussion.

Of course, it all turns out well in the end. I get a lot of apologies from both waiters and we all have a giggle about it.

Anyone have any funny restaurant stories they would like to share?