Thursday, 13 June 2013

Belgians bid to break golf world record

Golf fanatics Alexander Hautekiet and Kasper De Wulf plan to beat their own world record by playing and completing  9 golf courses in 9 countries in 24 hours on the 24th June! Ambitious? Most certainly. Insane? More than likely! I am pretty tired after walking one round let alone nine.
This is all the more audacious because they have to walk each course and hole every putt, but the good news is they have the use of a helicopter to ferry them to their next destination.
Their previous record was accomplished playing 8 courses in 8 countries so I suppose they know what to expect having done it before, but even so it's not something your average golfer could attempt.
The timetable kicks off in Tarviso, Italy  at 2.30am, Slovenia, 4.35am, Austria 6.50am, Czech Republic 10am, Germany 12.50, France 15.40, Luxembourg 18.15, The Netherlands 22.00 and finally Damme Golf Club in Belgium at midnight.
All I can say is good luck and good health!