Friday, 20 September 2013

Sunglasses. Hip ways to not to wear them.

Why is it some people feel compelled to follow stupid fashion trends thinking they are super cool. Is it for their own fragile ego or simply to try to impress the rest of us, the clearly uncool, decidedly warm even.  I have long ranted about stupid women wearing 6 inch or higher heels to go shopping; tottering around desperate to avoid breaking an ankle, and, clearly in agony, stubbornly continuing to walk around shopping malls.  However, this new preoccupation to wear sunglasses in ridiculous places on your head has taken top spot in my current trend of hate column.  Anyone who honestly thinks tucking their sunglasses under their chin whilst hanging from their ears needs some serious therapy. Listen up. You do not look cool, you look like a total idiot. For a start, they get in the way of eating and talking, you drip stuff down on them and they fall off given the slightest prompt.
The same goes for hanging them off the back of your head as far as I am concerned.
For me, having them perched on top of your forehead is adequately cool enough.