Thursday, 20 August 2015

Is iceberg water really the ultimate con?

Hearing the news of a restaurant charging its customers £24 per bottle for 'iceberg water' I am thinking the world has finally gone bonkers. Who is kidding who here. Are there really people out there who are so terribly desperate to impress they are happy to be royally ripped off by anyone claiming to offer the latest elixir of life.

Whether iceberg water really does contain exceptional properties or not isn't really the issue. I mean, putting to one side for a minute the question of whether this is morally correct anyway because I am not happy with the thought of somebody actively chipping away at a natural iceberg simply to harvest the water for a posh meal.

No, for me the real issue is working out who is the con artist and who is the mark in all this. Who starts the ball running.  Is it the media, the harvester, the vendor or the end user. I get the commercial part, obviously. If anyone can see there is a healthy profit to be made by peddling something legal that there is a market for, then good luck to them.

It's a dog eat dog world.

I can list many things that fit this bracket - fashion victims for a start. Think about it. Paying top dollar for ripped jeans (sorry stressed jeans), baseball caps with 'genuine' stickers on them, two piece swim suits that don't match. The list is endless. These are all created by manufacturers who simply have a lot of surplus stock to move. And we all fall for it.

Water is the new black clearly. It is true overseas people drink bottled water all the time, simply because in most cases their over chlorinated tap water tastes awful. But here in the UK tap water is no different to any other water nutritionally. Yes, mineral water by definition contains minerals so what. The water table of our planet has not changed since it was created, it just gets dispersed in different ways. We are in effect drinking the same water Abraham drunk or the dinosaurs for that matter.

Let us please get back on track. Forgo the latest drinking fad and just stick to tap water. You know it makes sense.

By the way, I have a crate of Asteroid Moisture to sell. Just £300 a bottle. It's out of this world.