Tuesday, 3 November 2015

Are we all becoming Narcissists?

I read a very interesting stat last week. It seems that more people are killed each year through taking "selfies" than die from shark attacks..
I have witnessed this very phenomenon myself recently. I am not proud to say I narrowly avoided a nasty fatality last week while walking down London's Oxford Street. I was stupidly minding my own business when I failed to notice a group of Chinese tourists coming straight at me armed to the teeth with selfie sticks.
Imagine my horror when, lost in thought, I glanced up just in time to avoid a hideous death impaled on twenty selfie sticks.

This could so easily have been murder, simply because they wanted to show everyone they knew they were somewhere else. Look at me, I'm not in Tokyo, I'm in Oxford Street.

Does anyone really care?

More to the point, how many broken selfie sticks do we see discarded in roads and gutters.
Have we all become so obsessed with ourselves we have to constantly remind our family and "friends" where we are and what we're doing?

It seems we are.

 I have seen people balancing perilously on one leg above the Grand Canyon or atop Sydney Harbour Bridge just to snap a selfie.

I am so really not interested to see endless pictures of faces around a table of wine glasses or half finished food.

Yes we all have to eat and drink so get over it.